About D.L.M.

D.L.M. Wiens Cartage Co. Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Don, Lorraine and Mike Wiens. As the founders name suggests - this is a family owned and operated business.

We started with one truck driven by one of the owners, and our motto at that time was AND still is "We Move to Please". As our customer base grew and expanded, so did we. D.L.M. Wiens Cartage Co. Ltd. From the inception of D.L.M Wiens Cartage Co. Ltd. with one truck, we have grown to over 30 temperature units. We are one of the largest privately owned and operated delivery fleets in Manitoba and growning.

In 1999, we were presented with another opportunity to manage a warehouse facility that was operated by a customer of ours. This is when D.L.M. Logistics Corp. was incorporated under the leadership of Mike Wiens, President.

From the very beginning we dug right in and built a facility to accommodate all of our customers' needs. Customer Service is what we are offering.

Because we started off as a small and family owned business, we are able to offer all our customers personal, quality service. We are also able to accommodate the unusual, but necessary, requests of our customers needs. Over the years we have expanding even more to offer additional services that our clients requested.